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Banks with A High Street Presence

What Type of Bank Is High Street?

The term ‘high street’ is of UK origin. Banks of this kind are those huge retail banks with many branches. They are known as high street because they have a large capital base and their operations are mostly spread throughout the country. Such banks are located in the CBD of cities and towns. The term ‘high street’ means almost the same as what the Americans refer to as ‘Main Street’.

The main banks of high street nature in U.K. are The Scotland Group of Royal Banks PLC, Barclays PLC, HSBC PLC Bank and Llyods TSB PLC. These highly used banks usually have a wide range of services to offer, such as savings, mortgages and online banking.


This is one among the most highly used banks throughout UK. It has more than 1500 branches in the country. The bank has an online locator, which helps you find which of the bank’s branches is closest to your area. You just need to enter your postcode, after which the locator will search and give you the results shortly. Even more particularly, you can find out those branches that operate on Saturdays, or you can search for the branches with a mortgage consultant.  

Lloyds Bank

This bank is one of the easiest high street banks to locate online. All you need to do is go to the internet and search using the address, sort code, and telephone number. You can also search for their opening time and the facilities available in their branches. The process takes a short time. You can choose to search for the bank’s cash points in case you want to withdraw funds from your Lloyds Bank account. It is a very simple way of getting any information you may require.


It is Spanish Bank, with more than 1000 branches throughout the UK. It is a highly used bank. You can search for the branch closest to you online. The only thing you need to enter is your postal code. You will get a map which will guide you to the nearest branches.  


This is a very popular bank. Throughout the UK, it has more than 1000 branches. The bank has an online tracker. You can use it to search for the branches closest to your area. In case you are looking for a branch that where you can disable access a premier one, you can look for it online. The website will provide results showing branches with such and similar services.

Co-operative Bank

This bank is the best in terms of social responsibility. If you need a bank that is responsible for the welfare of the community, you should join Co-operative Bank. The bank has over 300 branches throughout the country. You can search for the nearest branch online. Simply enter your postcode and you will get the desired results. 


The bank has an online branch tracker which you can use to locate the branches closest to your area. The bank has its branches along a total of 800 commercial streets. You are assured of having one branch of this bank at an area that is reasonably close to where you are. All the branches are operational on Saturdays, which makes your work easier as you don’t have to search for specific branches. 

TSB Bank

This bank was previously joined to the Lloyds Bank. After the split, the bank opened more than 600 branches countrywide. This bank aims at bringing back local banking. The bank has an online branch tracker. From this system, you can get such information as the bank’s opening hours, address, telephone number as well as other important details regarding the location of its branches.  


This is a very big bank. It has more than 600 banks throughout the country. In addition to that, the bank has approximately 7 million users. Natwest Bank has been operational, and well known in the UK since the year 1970. The bank has an online tracker for its numerous branches. You can also go to the internet, reserve an appointment, and use the feature they have set up for live chats.  


This bank is the biggest building society within the country. It has about 700 branches countrywide. You can find the branch closest to you through their online branch finder. From their website, you can get such details as their opening time, disabled access and a map showing their address. 


The bank has branches both in Scotland and UK. In UK, the branches add up to 700. The bank has a branch tracker on its website. With the tracker, you are able to find out if there is a branch that is reasonably close to your area. To do this, you need to type in your town or postcode; a map will appear from which you can see the results. 


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