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How to Create a Winning Business. Guest in the City

Are you the next Zuckerberg?

New entrepreneurships are popping up all over the place. And why shouldn't they? In this amazing world of new possibilities, enhanced connectivity and facilitated money flow, it becomes easier and easier to just roll up your sleves and get down to making your new personal business happen.

The craziest ideas by the most random people imaginable are now making millions, so why not join them with your new super idea? So many people, especially young people, want to create their own startup. There are many reasons: they have a brilliant idea, they want to be their own boss, they want to be a millionaire... or all of the above!

So grab your brilliant idea, get the resources, gather around the right people, and go for it! Here's a short guide on how to get it done.

Four steps for startup success

You can turn any good idea into a smashing success, all you have to do is have your mind clear and make the right choices. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Select a growing business sector.

These sectors are full of unexploited potential, and you could be in the first line. You just have to figure out exactly how you're going to carve yourself a good share of the market. In example, the travel industry is quickly developing with new concepts and travel models, so startups around this niche often perform very well. 

2. Assemble a winning team.

People are the foundation of any business. Choose the right people. Build up your crew and never underestimate the importance of each one of them. Go for the best of the best, it will show in your later success.

3. Get early financing.

Resources and marketing cost money. Find an investor and pitch your idea in the most convincing and engaging way. Show them how your concept would work. Include an aggressive, yet sustainable, business plan. If you don't get early fundings, you might stumble in the middle of your process, finding yourself short of resources. Never let that happen.

4. Go for it!

Market your idea aggressively, avoid unnecessary costs, and never give up. If you look around, understand your business environment and make the right choices, money flowing in abundance towards your account is just a matter of time.

Case study: Guest in the City

Let's illustrate this brief list with a successful startup that did everything right and found a way to reach success in this growing sector. 

Guest in the City is a market place, which is a new kind of Internet business, in tone with the current trend of online marketing and exchange. You can log in from any place in the world, see the products offered, pay with your card and start enjoying the experience. It's easy, handy and very convenient.

This startup offers alternative options for tourists who want to visit France, and get in touch with its reality and culture in a more authentic way, and even save money in the process when compared to your average France itinerary with the usual hotels and restaurants. Guest in the City connects tourists with non-professional French hosts who offer a wide range of services, including accommodation in a French home, a guided tour in France with lots of local knowledge and pro tips, fun activities in many parts of France, cooking classes and other lessons, and French meals at their own tables. The novelty and charm of Guest in the City is that it allows tourists to share authentic moments with French people and discover French culture from the inside.

On the Guest in the City website, travelers can read host reviews, check host availability, search for hosts who speak English, choose activities by category or geographical zone, and book them online.

Now let's see how Guest in the City followed the steps listed above. They had a fantastic idea and picked the growing sector of the travel industry. They planned how to grab a sizeable share of that market with an interesting and convenient proposal for the public. They assembled a team with industry veterans and a serial entrepreneur, who clicked perfectly with each other and got the machine running. They built a business plan to get early financing, with a convincing pitch to promote their great idea. And finally, they marketed their concept aggressively in a large number of media and platforms, attracting more and more traffic to their appealing website.

Use the example of Guest in the City and make your own concept come to life! If you'd like to get a broader view of the travel industry, click here to read more about other startups in the travel sector.


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