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National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Tel 0844 850 0152

Work for money, work for love

In a world where everything is money - including time itself - and all work activities are measured in how much income they provide, doing things for free sounds quite absurd. Why would anyone be willing to give up the little time and energy they have left after a full shift of work plus house chores and everyday stuff, and get not even a single penny in return? The way we see it, progress and success are strictly linked to money, so any effort that doesn’t produce some - unless it’s a hobby or something like that - is nothing but a waste.

However, not all people think the same way. Some are willing to take some time and effort, even resources of their own, to do something just for the sake of doing it, something that can help other people. This is the essence of volunteering, being kind to some person or group and providing some sort of aid just because it is the right thing to do, or for the pleasure of making someone else happy. 

How volunteering does you good

Being kind and helping others has been praised since the very beginning, and these behaviours are actually on the base of a successful society. Altruism promotes integration and personal growth, and it can also be very satisfactory. Helping others and seeing the result of your work in how they improve their lives or feel happier, is often experienced as a priceless reward for all the effort, so much so that it makes up for everything you had to do - by far. It also helps you see your own skills and capacities as good resources that can be used for great things, for the higher service of individuals, human groups and even society itself.

You can help to good causes, spread the word about things people need to know, promote high values and fight aginst war, hatred and damaging ignorance. You can put a smile on someone’s face just by getting up your chair and doing this or that. And that’s how it works.

It would surprise you to learn how volunteering changes people. Serving others and even fighting for higher causes, each one f us from our own place, is often an unforgettable experience that fills you with satisfaction and gratitude. Volunteering has been said to be really therapeutic, and it can help you find confidence and meaning in a life that might be turning grey and hard to carry out. The effort is worth it as long as it helps someone with something important, that’s the psychology of volunteering, and there are lots of important things to do out there. Things that you can do, or at least help doing. And money can be a barrier, many of these things don’t happen because of that. Volunteering is about realizing that the job is so important that the lack of an immediate economic reward shouldn’t be a reason not to do it. You become a part of something greater and help make the world a better place. And that’s worth it.

Getting funded

Even if there are people out there willing to give up their time and effort for free, all charities and non-profit organizations need some sort of economic support. Their activities require resources: they must pay for the materials they use, the transport, advertisement, and many other things depending on what their activity is all about. For this reason, volunteering organizations need to get funded. Luckily, there are benefactors and lenders that are willing to support them. Now the challenge is to put all of them in contact, so available resources can reach organisations needing them.

Enter the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Tel 0844 850 0152. This is a huge organisation that provides support to charities and volunteering programmes. They represent them and put them in contact with willing donors or patrons. This is a gubernamental organization and you can call them to request more info, or a membership of their programmes.

There are also private organisations that provide the same sort of services. In example, the funding central tel: 0844 850 0152 gathers volunteering organisations and put them in contact with grants, loans and other forms of funding. They also send weekly newsletters with the latest news about funding and volunteering. They provide free access to a limited number of features, while for a fee you can access much more benefits and bigger patrons.

Remember that when you call these numbers call charges may apply, when calling 0844 numbers please be advised that extra call charges apply more than normal local rates, of up to 7p per minute.


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