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Professional, Secure Shredding; Keeping Customers Safe

Organizations and individuals accumulate sensitive and confidential data over time. This is why such entities become targets for fraud and identity theft, crimes which are on the rise especially in this digital era. Therefore, companies and business entities of all kinds are now investing heavily in information security because any mishap can destroy the integrity and credibility of a company for good.

When it comes to digital data, layers upon layers of encoding are required to keep the data secure and inaccessible by unauthorised personnel. When it comes to hard copy information, secure archives are required. However, if there is no longer any need to keep the information, secure shredding should be done. Here are three tips which you may find useful when it comes to shredding sensitive documents.

Shred Well and Shred Often

This is the first rule of document shredding. Shredding immediately and as regularly as possible will help you to avoid errors that may occur due to forgetfulness. If you run an entity that is prone to the accumulation of confidential papers, make it a habit to shred in a timely fashion. Check all the sections of your office that are likely to have such confidential documents and shred them.

You can also standardize your document destruction activities such that all offices and branches do it at the same time in the same way. This way, a culture of shredding in a timely fashion is created throughout the organization.

One of the best ways of reducing your shredding woes is to go paperless. You can only do this if you shred every chance you get. Reducing the need to have paper around you makes your work a lot easier and reduces the amount of money you have to spend on shredding.

Shredding Precedes Paper Recycling

The second thing to remember is that you must never send your papers for recycling before they are shredded. This is great precaution to always take because it saves a lot of worry and uncertainty. Whenever you shred prior to recycling you eliminate the risk of any insecurity which may occur when your documents are in transit or when they arrive at the recycling plant.

Paper recycling is a great step towards conserving the environment as well as earn from the shredded waste. However, it is vital to have it done professionally and securely to avoid instances of dumpster diving by frauds. There have been litigation measures taken against companies and individuals who have left client’s details in bins or dumpsters. 

Professional Shredding Is Best

Using a professional outfit to destroy confidential documents is always the best option for you. Such a move eliminates any loopholes which may leave you or your company vulnerable to fraudsters and identity thieves. A professional shredding service such as Shred First usually means outsourcing for services. When you do this you save your company a lot of time and human resource.

Outsourcing professional shredding services also ensures that the right equipment is used for the job. Not all companies have the resources needed to shred effectively. The expertise for proper shredding may also be lacking within your company so hiring ensures that you have everything you need. Before hiring a shredding company always try to establish their reliability and reputation. Use a company with experience and also keep in mind the costs involved.

The Data Protection Act of 1988 dictates that anyone handling confidential information of people must be responsible for protecting that same data. Failure to do this may lead to litigation. To further enforce this law, it is stipulated that such data as is considered private must be labelled as confidential waste. You can get a lot of resources about how to better handle confidential papers both on an individual level and at a much larger scale. Information such as what shredders to use, the best companies to hire and laws governing confidential waste can be found on BBC Webwise and other sites.


Dealing with paperwork can get tedious and boring’ especially when it has accumulated over time. As a rule, always sort paperwork so that you know which category contains what kind of information. As a Company, outsourcing locally for shredding services is the cheapest and safest way of dealing with confidential waste.

Failing to deal with confidential details of clients can land you in serious trouble with the law. Use the above tips and apply them in your specific situation to make the whole process easier. Shredding gets easier with time and if you make it a regular activity, it soon becomes second nature.


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