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Why each Company should have an working information security program

Security – A Core Business Function

Every company, no matter how large or small it is, should see security as a core function of the business. An information security program is a plan to ensure the security of the information assets within the company by assessing the security risks and deciding how to mitigate them. In addition, an information security program ensures that the security practices within the company remain up to date. Security should be seen as a core business function because the most valuable assets of a company is its data. This is why it is important to protect your data by implementing data security measures. If you fail to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data, the consequences could be devastating. It could result in business losses and legal liability.  

What makes a good security program

There are certain elements that makes up a good security program to ensure that your company’s data will remain secure. A good security program should be preventive in nature. It should define which data it is in place to secure, the risks that data faces and a mitigation plan. In addition, it provides details on re-evaluating and updating the program. Every good security program also takes data protection regulations into consideration and ensures that the program is created in such a way that all regulations are met. 

Below are some key elements that every good security program should have.

1. Risk assessment

A good security program identifies and assesses the risks that the security program is meant to manage. Since that it is not possible to eliminate risks, the risk assessment in the security program should focus on how to prioritize them and choose cost-effective countermeasures. Some of the risks that may be included in the risk assessment section of your security program are: physical loss of data, data theft, unauthorized access to data and data corruption. 

2. Policies and Procedures

A good security program will include policies and procedures on how to deal with data. A common example of a policy that will definitely exist in a good security program is the secure disposal of sensitive documents. Other types of policies would include procedures for providing access to data. Users should authenticate before they are provided access. Policies regarding password creation and aging requirements will also be included in the security program. It is important that a copy of the security program is available to all key employees within the company so that the policies and procedures can be known to all employees. 

3. Designated Security Officer

In order to ensure that you have a properly coordinated and execute security program, you need to have a designated security officer. 

4. Awareness

The human factor within every company is thought to be the weakest link within the company where security is concerned. A good security program will include a plan on how to make the employees in the company aware of his roles and responsibilities when it comes to security. A part of this plan should include security awareness training. 

5. Auditing

Remember to make auditing an integrated component of your security plan. Auditing will come in very hand in the event of a security breach. If you are a company that deals with very sensitive information which belongs to your clients, auditing will help you a great deal if there is a data breach. Another thing to consider is compensation for data breach victims. In most cases, a company suffers financial loses in the event of data breach and some will demand compensation. It is therefore advisable to make sure that your security program includes a plan for compensation for data breach victims.

Get started on your security program

If you do not have a security program in place, we recommend that you start working on your security program. Remember that a security program is never fully completed. It is an ongoing process because the designated security officer will keep monitoring the plan to make sure that it is working the way that it should and to make improvements where needed. A security program keeps you on the right path and ensure that both your legal and contractual obligations are met. Remember that data is the most valuable asset of your organization which means that you should invest sufficient time and money in ensuring that it is adequately protected. If you are unable to create a security program on your own, you can always hire a professional to help you especially where the regulatory and compliance aspects are concerned. You should also remember that it is not sufficient to just have a security program. You also need to make sure that is being executed as well.  


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